The Desert Comfort Experience Home 2021 is a high-performance, architecturally stunning custom home designed specifically for Arizona’s Sonoran Desert environment to deliver the ultimate in comfort, convenience, and a net-zero energy balance.

Floor Plan




DuPont Performance Building Solutions

DuPont Performance Building Solutions is a global innovation leader in the building and construct


Air is our most fundamental resource.


Sol-Ark is proud to introduce the newest, most powerful version of our world-famous inverters: th

LP Building Solutions

Proven to Defend Your Build™ LP Structural Solutions products help you build better.


A True Desert Oasis

People who know the desert will tell you that an oasis is a trick of the eye, an illusio

Desert Comfort: Next-Gen HVAC and Indoor Air Quality

A more efficient conditioned air distribution system optimizes zoned heating, cooling, and fresh-air ventilation equipment for ideal indoor comfort

Innovative Measures Against the Elements

The net-zero energy Desert Comfort home combines multiple solutions to protect the house from its extreme climate conditions