Sol-Ark is proud to introduce the newest, most powerful version of our world-famous inverters: the Sol-Ark 15K. With three MPPT’s that can host up to 19kW of solar power and world-class technology to invert and output 15 continuous kilowatts into your home, a whole-home backup solution has never been more readily available and straightforward to install. Commissioning the Sol-Ark 15K is as easy as our 12K; however, we have reduced the number of installation components. We can connect the Sol-Ark 15K directly to the Main Service Panel, thus bypassing the need for a critical loads subpanel, which drastically decreases the total installation time. We have enhanced some of the features on the 15K, such as an incredible 200A bypass disconnect. We also increased the number of inverters you can stack in parallel to 12 for a complete backup of 180kW. Energy independence is expensive; therefore, we manufacture world-class solar technologies to give families and businesses the energy security they deserve at an affordable price. For any questions, feel free to contact, and we will be happy to converse.